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New Screenshots from Chapter 3

Destructoid has released some new screen shots for King’s Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb. While the tower from King’s Quest II definitely makes an appearance, it looks like it may just be an introductory sequence (like the Dragon’s cave in Chapter 1), and the game will instead focus on the courtship of Graham and Valanice. This is just speculation based on some screenshots, but it looks pretty awesome!

You can see the screenshots here!

I’m really looking forward to this chapter! The story of King’s Quest continues!

King’s Quest Chapter 3 release date announced


So, The Odd Gentlemen are keeping up with pushing out chapters for this amazing game. Chapter 2 was released back in December, and last month The Odd Gentlemen announced that Chapter 3, titled Once Upon a Climb, would be released for PS4, PS3, XBox 360, XBox One, and PC on April 26, 2016. Eurogamer reported that this chapter would follow Graham’s exploits of rescuing Valanice from Hagatha’s Tower. There has been no clear response from The Odd Gentlemen as to whether or not this chapter will be a retelling of King’s Quest II, or whether the game will merely have a scene from that game, much like the first chapter recreated the well/mirror scene from the first game.

You can read the full article here.

Are you guys excited for chapter 3? Do you have any thoughts on the first two chapters? We’d love to hear your perspectives!!

Hey everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Josh, but you may also know me by my screenname JDHJANUS. Kat asked me to help out in keeping this site updated, so I thought I would do my best to write a post introducing myself. I am going to try to keep this site updated with all of the upcoming news about new chapters from Sierra’s King’s Quest game, as well as any other useful news or information. 2016 looks like it’s going to be a great year for King’s Quest and Sierra, so I look forward to helping share any new information. See you around!!!

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