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King’s Quest Chapter 2 Teaser Trailer

In this short teaser trailer, we learn the plot of King’s Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause.

“In King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause, Goblins have kidnapped everyone in Daventry, and a newly crowned King Graham must learn to be the leader the kingdom needs. Players will influence his decisions along with the events that shaped the kingdom.

Continue the extraordinary journey across the world of Daventry, full of whimsical characters, charming puzzles, and perilous dangers.”


Assortment of Jelly Beans for background

If you’ve been around the official Sierra forums or Sierra Planet for a REALLY long time, you might remember Kimmie’s Jellybean Survey. (Kimmie was a moderator of the official Sierra boards.)

The observant among us may have even noticed a mention of jellybeans in the new King’s Quest game!! <3

Miss the survey? It’s right here!

PC system requirements for King’s Quest revealed


See the image above (taken from Steam) for the minimum and recommended requirements. It looks like the game hasn’t been tested on Windows 10 yet so those of you on the bleeding edge of technology (Windows 10 beta testers or those of you planning to install before you finish KQ) may be on your own.

Post your online gaming IDs here!

KQ4 Unicorn

It’s a great time to become friends on the gaming sites in anticipation of playing the new King’s Quest! Post your PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam IDs here. No need to limit ourselves; if you’re looking for gaming buddies, you can even post your Nintendo Network (though you may still have to exchange friend codes) and Apple Game Center IDs!

Gabriel Knight coming to tablets!

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers

In an exciting bit of non-King’s Quest news, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers will be coming to iOS and Android tablets on July 23rd! The pricing scheme seems a bit odd… Day 1 will be free and Day 2 and 3 will be $2.99 and $3.99 respectively. I’m not sure why they don’t just make it one purchase for $6.99. Visit Phoenix Online Studios for more info!

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